Disney = Sore Feet … For me, at least!

This year when we went to Disney, my feet were not happy … AT ALL!!!  I ended up with, not only, swollen and sore feet from all the walking and being on my feet – but, also blisters that I’m still recovering from (weeks later!!).   This year, I wore crocs for the most part – and, Sketchers Go Walks a bit of the time.  While both are normally VERY comfortable shoes – they didn’t do well for Disney (for me – I know that others have great luck with both).  I think that the blisters were the worst – and primarily caused by the Crocs.

Since we’ve been back (and even before – which led me to the shoes that I used this trip), I’ve been doing research on shoes that are good for Disney!  One shoe that I keep seeing come up are Keens.  So – since we were in Dick’s Sporting Goods today, I decided to try some on!  Very comfortable!  Having small feet, I was able to wear both the women’s style and the children’s style – given that the children’s were nearly half the price, I decided to try a pair of kid’s Keens.



I’m hoping that these will work out for me… we will see!!  I have some time to try them out and break them in before Disney!  They certainly aren’t, in my opinion, pretty – but, I’ll take function over fashion – any day – for Disney!!

I’m curious – do any of you have any experience with Keens?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!!