I haven’t abandoned my blog… I promise…

I have just been ridiculously busy!!!  

As mentioned in a previous blog post, my daughter plays fast pitch softball on a travel team – and, during the spring and summer months (especially – although, here in the South, she plays almost year round), that keeps us very busy!  She, and her team, have been doing great – so far – this season…

Here is another picture of her pitching this past weekend 🙂


Another thing I’ve been doing in the last week or so is trying to get myself organized!!  I’m, generally, pretty organized – but, we can all use some improvement!  I’ve always been a list maker, a writer (i.e. I remember things better if I write them down) and an organized person.  Through the years, I’ve used various methods – from scrap pieces of paper / sticky notes to leather binders with a million things written in them.  I’ve recently decided that being organized doesn’t have to be boring … and, that is how I got involved in reading blogs / viewing PINs / checking out Facebook group for decorated Filofax pages!!  Such an inspiration… But, also very dangerous – as I found out quickly that I simply HAD to have a Filofax…

So, here are a few examples of what I’ve been doing to get more organized.  This is my Retro Brown Original Personal Filofax, which I’ve monogrammed:


And, here are a few pages from my Filofax:



I’m excited to have a pretty way to keep myself organized!!

Meanwhile – On the Disney front, we are 282 days out from our next trip!  I’m still doing some research on things for our next trip!  So excited!!  Not to wish my life away, but January can’t get here soon enough!

Apologies, AGAIN, on not getting the next installment in my trip review from our 2014 trip – We don’t have softball this weekend, so I’m going to try to get it done then!

Until next time…


2014 Trip Report

We were able to visit Disney World Feb 21 – Mar 1, 2014.  And, I want to share a trip report from that visit.

Some background:  I have been a Disney devotee for years and can’t even remember how many times I’ve visited Disney as a child.  As an adult, I’ve only visited 3 times.  Same for my husband (and he visited once as a teenager).  My girls have visited twice and they are HOOKED!  For as long as I can remember, I’ve collected Disney movies (well before you could buy them on DVD).

After we visited last year, we made it a mission to try to go to Disney once a year.  And, so far – we’ve met our mission as we were able to return this year!  Last year was a ‘surprise’ for my girls, but this year they knew and they were a big part of the planning!  For me, I sometimes think that the planning is {almost} as much fun as being at Disney!  I love the organization / planning / changing of plans, etc.!  It is my thing!!  To give you and idea of the detail of planning that I do – this is my ‘dashboard’ … there is much, much more ~ but this is my ‘go to’ spreadsheet that gives me an overview of everything on my plan – for my entire trip.


So – for this year – we decided to venture out to ‘the dark side’ and spend a day at Universal Studios too (my oldest is a big Harry Potter fan, how could we not?!?!).  So, this trip report will include our trip to Universal as well.

As our trip was 8 nights, this will be a long trip report – so I will break it up in several posts.  I’ll break it up by day to keep it neat and provide links to each day in this original post (just hover over the numbered items below).  Sound good? Okay – let’s go…

  1. Getting there (travel information)
  2. Day 1 ~ Magic Kingdom
  3. Day 2 ~ Animal Kingdom
  4. Day 3 ~ Universal Studios / Islands of Adventure
  5. Day 4 ~ Epcot
  6. Day 5 ~ Magic Kingdom
  7. Day 6 ~ Epcot
  8. Day 7 ~ Disney Hollywood Studios
  9. Day 8 ~ Magic Kingdom
  10. Additional information about our trip

Because I love planning – I wanted to share some pictures of the ‘planner’ that I made for our trip this year.


The cover is made from art board, covered in scrapbook paper. I tried to take some pics to show the dividers/pockets that I did for all of my sections (they were made from card stock and scrapbook paper). In addition to that, I put a small post it pad in the front of the binder so I could make notes for follow up items, I made some page protectors for each section for receipts and items that I might need to include still, a table of contents (since I didn’t label the sections on the tabs) and printed some note sheets for each section so I can write down memories and food reviews and stuff. All of the lettering on the cover and dividers was done using vinyl and my silhouette cameo cutter.

It isn’t perfect but I like how it turned out. It was almost too many pages for even the largest binding wires I could use…. Oops. Guess I plan too much. Lol

My sections are: travel info, dining info, photo pass and character info, magic kingdom, Epcot, DHS, animal kingdom, misc info and universal.

In addition to making my planner for this trip, I also made an autograph book for my youngest daughter.  She loves getting autographs from the Disney characters ~ and, now she has a personalized autograph book for this trip!


This year is the first time that we’ve been able to use Magic Bands, but we couldn’t have plain magic bands … so we decorated ours!  I love how they turned out!  And, we got so many compliments on them while we were at Disney!


I think that is enough for this initial post on our Trip Report.  More to come… stay tuned!!