Disney = Sore Feet … For me, at least!

This year when we went to Disney, my feet were not happy … AT ALL!!!  I ended up with, not only, swollen and sore feet from all the walking and being on my feet – but, also blisters that I’m still recovering from (weeks later!!).   This year, I wore crocs for the most part – and, Sketchers Go Walks a bit of the time.  While both are normally VERY comfortable shoes – they didn’t do well for Disney (for me – I know that others have great luck with both).  I think that the blisters were the worst – and primarily caused by the Crocs.

Since we’ve been back (and even before – which led me to the shoes that I used this trip), I’ve been doing research on shoes that are good for Disney!  One shoe that I keep seeing come up are Keens.  So – since we were in Dick’s Sporting Goods today, I decided to try some on!  Very comfortable!  Having small feet, I was able to wear both the women’s style and the children’s style – given that the children’s were nearly half the price, I decided to try a pair of kid’s Keens.



I’m hoping that these will work out for me… we will see!!  I have some time to try them out and break them in before Disney!  They certainly aren’t, in my opinion, pretty – but, I’ll take function over fashion – any day – for Disney!!

I’m curious – do any of you have any experience with Keens?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!!



What am I looking forward to, on our next trip?

While I’m working on the next post for my trip report, I got to thinking about what I’m looking forward to on our next trip.. And, I thought that I’d do an post (or more – if more things make my list as I’m in my panning) with a few of the things that I’m looking forward to.

  1. Lapu Lapu – I’ve had one before… but, not recently … looking forward to having this again!  Image
  2. Dole Whip (Always looking forward to this)        Image
  3. Mickey Bar                         Image
  4. Getting to experience the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train!!  I love this logo, by the way!Image
  5. Spending one night at Hard Rock Hotel – while we take two days to explore Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure in more depth than we were able to last year.  Image
  6. The CASTLE!!!  Love seeing Cinderella’s Castle – and taking pictures!   Image
  7. Visting Epcot – and the World Showcase – we love it here!    Image

I think that is enough for now.  I’ll share some more later!  Maybe I can even get my daughters and husband in on it, and share what they are looking forward to!

Have a magical day!