First Blog Post for Foster Loves Mickey!!

I am excited to start this blog.  I spend so much time obsessing thinking about Disney, that I need an outlet!  I want to use this blog to discuss all things Disney – our visits, things I love about Disney, news and updates about Disney ~ anything Disney, really!  And, maybe I’ll throw in some updates about things that the Foster family has going on that is non-Disney related (maybe).

We were fortunate enough to visit Disney World from February 21 – March 1, 2014.  That was a trip that was in the planning stages for nearly a year, prior to our departure.  It was a wonderful trip – and true to form, we were planning our next trip prior to even getting home.  We’ll be returning to ‘the world’ in January 2015 (room is already booked!).  We can’t wait.

I’m going to start this blog off with a trip report from our last visit.  I plan to share our thoughts on the activities that we did, the food we ate, the things that we can’t wait to do again and the things that we’ll likely skip on our next trip.  And lots and lots of pictures!

I also really love scrapbooking and ‘smash booking’ and our latest trip is being ‘smashed’.   I’ll share the progress on that, as well.  I’ll probably share some other ‘smash’ projects as well!!

For good measure, I’ll likely share our plans for our upcoming trip too.  And, hopefully, this blog will grow into something that I can use to document our love of Disney and our love of traveling to Disney World for many years to come!

Hopefully, you’ll enjoy our trip – through the memories that we share!!

Here is a my most favorite picture from our most recent trip, to get this blog started!


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